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Double Your Commission -- Not Your Workload

Every salesperson knows that getting in the door and getting that first-ever conversation is the difficult part. Once you're in, your knowledge of the product, charisma and proactive support can often win you the project. As your influence with your client grows, offering related products that add true value to the client becomes a natural part of the conversation. 

What if you could sell a completely non-competitive product to your current and future clients . . . one that comes with a high earning potential for you?

We are looking for a select few individuals to learn more about this exciting opportunity. We are only accepting top salespeople who can demonstrate their ability to sell to organizations of all sizes -- up to and including Fortune 100. 

The really unique part? You're actually helping your clients be more successful! Our proprietary podcasts and video solutions help your clients generate buzz and influencer activity that are a crucial part of modern marketing success. 

Organizations have a wealth of resources that are gathered through the years: training materials, PDFs, detailed business requirements, institutional knowledge and more. Our talented professionals are able to turn this straw into gold with a new and more engaging format - the proprietary podcast. Employees are able to act more confidently when they receive direct, actionable steps via targeted podcasts.

We don't want you to quit your day job. We are simply offering an opportunity for top salespeople to enhance their income -- while becoming a more valuable resource to their clients by providing an exceptional solution to challenging business problems. 

- Rob Sanchez, CEO

WHO: Salespeople already finding success reaching corporate clients.

WHAT: Become a sales agent for us, offering podcast services to corporate clients. We turn straw, the hard-earned learnings and information that companies build up over years, into gold - actionable insights in the easy to digest format of an internal, proprietary podcast.

WHY: Earn high commissions on long-term contracts. Our sales agents add thousands of dollars in recurring revenue each month for each client they connect us with.

Contact us today to learn more about this limited-time opportunity. We are only accepting 10 candidates and don't want you to miss out on this supplemental income. What's better: you don't need any technical knowledge to be successful. Creating internal podcasts for major corporations is our specialty, and we'll be with you each step of the way.

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